Our Story

Our mission is to provide valuable insights through a simplistic software experience that helps enterprises of all sizes optimize processes, plan smarter, scale and grow faster.

The Back-story:

The story begins at Arrow Digital in West Palm Beach, FL. Like most companies, Arrow Digital was relying on spreadsheets and countless meetings to collaborate and make decisions. As a professional services organization with plans to continue growing, they needed a better way. Allocable was born out of this need.

In 2005, Arrow began as a bootstrap startup in West Palm Beach, FL and quickly grew to several offices all over the world by 2016. In its early days, Arrow employed 8 resources in 1 US office location. High demand for their services pushed the company to grow very quickly. In order to meet the demand, offices were opened up in other cities in the United States and in different parts of the world. With this rapid growth, it became challenging to analyze and plan their global resources’ capacity, utilization, and allocation.

It was through Arrow’s innovation center that Allocable went from a need, to an idea, to becoming a reality when the first prototype version of Allocable was built.

From a Prototype to a Business:

As the prototype resource management tool was being utilized, the team at Arrow quickly realized that the Allocable prototype empowered a new level of insight, communication, and alignment in the business. In 2015, Robert Wells was hired as the CEO, Allocable was formed into a company, and the core team was established. In 2016, after much refining through incredible development work and unmatched user experience design, Allocable emerged as an enterprise-class cloud Business Intelligence Productivity Analytics platform available to organizations of all sizes.

Case Study:

Arrow became the first customer using Allocable’s new SaaS. For Arrow; Allocable fulfilled unmet needs, optimized and standardized reporting, provided real-time assurance to stakeholders regarding project health, and enabled consistent, predictive insights into major business decisions.

  • The “C” suite and Program Manager have purview of all resources on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • The company’s Executives are able to make more planful “Hire more/Sell more” decisions on a timely basis
  • Project execution (on-time & in-budget): increased from 90% to 96%
  • Non-billable Hours: Decreased from 37% to 30%
  • Workforce Accuracy (Planned vs. Reported): Increased from 80% to 90%
  • Estimating/Planning Improved from 88% to 95% accuracy


Allocable is a cloud-based automated time tracking and business intelligence (BI) software platform that provides  a complete visualization of your workforce and project productivity data empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.


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