Team Member

Allocable for Team Members

Everyone on the same page

Now, everyone in the organization has visual access to their performance, time, expense and project related information. Break down those data silos and collaborate with your team on a whole new level.

Daily Performance Insights

You work hard, now it shows.

Team members can see a quick snapshot of their daily, weekly activities, project allocations and monitor their performance with a personalized dashboard. Plan and work more accurately with real-time time tracking features.

Time & Expense tracking

Business Intelligence powered Time & Expense tracking

  • Expense tracking
    • Expense Category management (admin level control of billable/non-billable and min/max on each expense category)
    • Enter expenses (including the ability to attach receipts securely) per project.
  • Time & Expense Approval workflow
    • Approver management (admin level control)
    • Submit Timesheets and Expenses for Approval
    • Unsubmitted, Pending, Approved Timesheet & Expense management
  • Print and Export Timesheets & Expense reports


Allocable is a cloud-based automated time tracking and business intelligence (BI) software platform that provides  a complete visualization of your workforce and project productivity data empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.


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