Connect Your Harvest Time Tracking Data with Allocable to Increase Profitability & Productivity

Integrate and unify Harvest time tracking data into a single source of insights for everyone in the organization to help analyze the past, visualize the present and predict the future of a single project or the whole business.

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Benefits of integrating

Harvest with Allocable?

  • Forecast your workforce & project pipeline efficiently
  • Know when to hire more or sell more
  • Optimize & fully utilize your workforce
  • Increase profitability & productivity
  • Plan your projects more accurately & spend time on what you expected and planned for.
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What's the value of adding Allocable if I already use Harvest for time tracking?

The Health of Your Business in Seconds

Instead of parsing through reports, collecting and building ad-hoc spreadsheets to interpret data from Harvest, you can now, in seconds, gather the health of your entire business, plan for growth, capacity, and analyze project health with BI reports designed specifically for your business.

Role and project specific permissions and visualizations bring clarity to milestones, timelines budgets and resource allocations to deliver more consistent results.

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Harvest time/expense tracking, and invoicing is the starting place. When you integrate Harvest with Allocable, you gain a whole new perspective on the data that matters most to your organization.  With beautiful dashboards, a real-time allocation engine, and time & expense tracking, Allocable and Harvest work together to help you manage today and plan for the future.

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Integrate Harvest Time Tracking Data with Allocable in Minutes

Watch Your Dashboards Light Up with Data Visualizations.


Import your existing Harvest data into Allocable in minutes:

  • Client Names
  • Project Names
  • Start/End dates
  • Budgets & Hours
  • Resources
  • Tasks
  • Time tracking data

Get More with Your Harvest + Allocable Integration

project management harvest integrations

Business Dashboard

See visually appealing dashboard reports with your Harvest data.

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predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Centralize reporting with a consistent one-stop place for metrics.

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resource management harvest integration

Resource Management

Work at 100% Capacity with our real-time Resource Allocation Engine with Your Existing Harvest Data.

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project management harvest integrations

Project Management

Plan Accurately, Prepare for Risks. Focus on Project Health & Provide a Seamless Customer Experience.

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Finally a Way to Manage Opportunities, Not Spreadsheets.

You work hard, now it shows. Team members can see a quick snapshot of their daily, weekly activities, project allocations and monitor performance with a personalized dashboard.  Plan and work more accurately by integrating Harvest and Allocable for real-time time tracking intelligence.

What Clients are Saying about Allocable

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The health of my business within the first 5 minutes...”

“Allocable enables me to look at data in real time. The same data that’s driving the project manager, the HR manager, and the program manager, I can observe quickly. Capacity utilization, optimization and accuracy levels are readily available to tell me whether milestones will be met or not. I can see the health of my business within the first 5 minutes of arriving in the morning."


“Improves our ability to support our employees' work/life balance.”

“Allocable helps us identify when resources are overprescribed so we can support our employees’ work/life balance.”

- Finance & HR Manager
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“A huge time and energy saver.”

“Before I would have to speak with no less than 4 people at different points in time in order to glean the same insights that I get from Allocable at a glance."


Ready to get Started?

Allocable’s productivity analytics can help trim out hours of time and effort analyzing reports, managing spreadsheets, and interpreting data to understand growth, capacity planning, project planning, and maintaining customer experiences. Allocable is software that allows you to integrate all your reporting into one place so that you can analyze the health of your company, projects, and people in seconds.

Providing Consistency & Value to Customers

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Team members can collaborate in one place.”

“Allocable is helpful as a collaboration tool where multiple project managers and HR can visually see all the shared resources availability and utilization in one place.”

- Program Manager

“Adapt to the changing needs of our customers”

“Allocable helps us quickly adapt to the constantly changing needs of our customers.”

- Project Manager
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Questions You Can Answer with 
Harvest + Allocable

Are we over or under budget?

What are my burn down rates?

How much time have we spent on each of our clients / projects?

How accurate is planning?

Do we budget our projects efficiently? – what’s our burn? – what’s our profit?

Do we forecast our workforce & project pipeline ?

Are we using billable or non-billable hours?

Do we spend time on what we expected and planned for?

Are we using billable or non-billable hours?

Do we need to hire more or sell more?

Is our workforce optimized? – fully utilized? – at full capacity? – profitable?