Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard Features

Business Dashboards for Billable Organizations

Manage Opportunities, Not Spreadsheets.

Allocable’s business dashboards, made for executives, allocation managers, project managers, and employees, visually present the data that matters most.

In seconds, gather the health of your project, resources or entire business, plan for growth, capacity, and analyze project health with business intelligence information management software designed specifically for billable organizations.

Executive Business Dashboard

Business Intelligence for Executives

A well-designed executive dashboard can help you see the most important facts about your employees, projects, and entire business quickly and accurately. With Allocable, you can now open your laptop and instantly uncover opportunities, and make meaningful business decisions in seconds.

Make important decisions with data on your side, such as:

  • Performance Management- Do I need to sell more or hire more?
  • Uncover Hidden Data Revealing Customer Satisfaction Levels- Are my customers satisfied with the delivery of our services (are we on time, in-budget, what’s our quality)?
  • Burndown Rates – Am I burning all the budgeted projects properly?
  • Billable vs. Non-Billable Mix – What’s the mix of my people doing billable vs. non-billable projects?

Allocation Manager Business Dashboards

Real-time resource metrics for quick & accurate workforce planning

Capacity utilization, resource allocations & scheduling, deep insight into project deliverable data, and budget management all in one, central location.

Get data from all the corners of your business in an easy-to-read, accurate, and Allocation Manager-specific dashboard in one place. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to opportunities with Allocable.

Project Manager Business Dashboards

Give your project management tool wings

Project managers in billable organizations require visibility into all the metrics of their projects. With Allocable, you can view project-specific dashboards and bring clarity to milestones, timelines and resource allocations to deliver consistent results senior management will love you for.

Monitor and even predict burn time and budget progress by client, project, department or team member in real-time.

  • Real-Time Project Collaboration- What’s going on with my particular projects and people resources?
  • Uncover Risks & Inefficiencies- Is my project over or under burning? Is it over or under budget?
  • Resource Planning- Are all my resources working as planned? What are the scheduled allocations of my team?
  • Budget Forecasting- Will I meet project milestones and delivery dates within budget?

Business Dashboard for Employees

Insights for everyone

With Allocable, everyone can gain valuable insights on their capacity, time and expenses. Access to important information is no longer just accessible to executives. Employees, staff, and contractors have their own dashboard of insights on data related to the projects they are working on.

Increase collaboration, break down silos in your organization and reach your business goals together with Allocable.


Allocable is a cloud-based automated time tracking and business intelligence (BI) software platform that provides  a complete visualization of your workforce and project productivity data empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.


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