Enhanced Time Tracking & Advanced Reporting – What’s new in Version 1.5

Enhanced Time Tracking & Advanced Reporting – What’s new in Version 1.5

Imagine having one place to track your time & expenses, handle resource allocation, view project & workforce analytics all with beautiful BI dashboards built for the different roles in your business.

We are excited to announce the release of Allocable version 1.5.

Your feedback is helping us build the best time tracking, business intelligence software in the market. Here's what we did in 1.5.

This latest release includes many improvements and bug fixes, and a number of new features you requested. 

What's New in Allocable 1.5

Features in this release include:

Time & Expense Management.

  • We introduced the ability to run - turn on/off a time clock (stop watch) 
  • Automatic alerts are sent to users in case the user forgets to turn off the timer.
  • Trigger point is set to 10hrs. This can be customized per customer.
  • Turning on a new timer automatically switches off the current running timer saving the user time without manually turn on/off a timer on a task before working on a different task.
  • Now supports a "running" animation at the day-view level and at the week-view level.

Additional Time Tracking features

We introduced many other relevant enhancements along with our new stop watch functionality. 

  • Enhanced time entry options from the week view
  • Start a timer directly when adding a new entry

Standardized Notifications & Messaging

  • All notification/alert emails originating from Allocable have an updated, easy to read format to help users take action quickly.
  • Emails are now sent from a common Allocable.com domain bringing consistency and security to the messaging platform.

Ad-hoc Reporting - Time, Financial, Project Health & Custom Reports

Besides stopwatch time tracking functionality, the most requested feature was ad-hoc reporting. We listened and added ad-hoc reporting for the most common use cases. 

Based on their role, team members will be able to use the data in Allocable to build their own custom reports for customers, peers and stakeholders. 

We even built a few sample templates to make building a custom report even easier. Your Welcome! 🙂 ​

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Allocable is a cloud-based automated time tracking and business intelligence (BI) software platform that provides  a complete visualization of your workforce and project productivity data empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.


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