Time Tracking, Enhanced Resource and Project Analytics included in Allocable 1.3

Time Tracking, Enhanced Resource and Project Analytics included in Allocable 1.3

Allocable is cloud Business Intelligence (BI) software that blends resource management, project management and business intelligence capabilities designed to support and integrate with the workflows of billable organizations to help analyze the past, visualize the present and predict the future of a single project or the whole business.

We are excited to announce the release of Allocable version 1.3.

You asked... We listened.

This latest release includes many performance enhancements, and many new features that our customers have requested.  For example, we added dashboards and new features to support your team members (employees, staff, contractors).  read more here

What's New in Allocable 1.3

Features in this release include:

Features to help with Growth Planning:

  • Enhanced role-based dashboards with reports and analytics to help you make “Hire More, Sell More Decisions”.
  • Centralized reporting for multiple areas of your business.
  • See your business health in seconds with upgraded dashboards and reports for executives.
    • See real-time resource utilization reports along an upgraded timeline.

Features to help with Capacity Planning:

  • See visual reports on how resources are leveraged and optimize in real-time with our enhanced allocations scheduler.
  • Enhanced resource management with our upgraded allocation scheduler.
  • Added Fixed Asset (physical resource) management and scheduling capabilities.

Features to help with Project Planning:

  • Expanded dashboards, reports and profile tracking for individual projects health.
  • Added Task, Resource & Department level budget group tracking and reports.
  • Enhanced burn-down charts with task, resource, department overlay.
  • Plan more accurately with real-time time tracking features and (new) staff dashboard.
  • Anticipate risks in your projects and adjust in real-time with our enhanced project intelligence capabilities.

Time & Expense Tracking:

  • Added the ability to track and edit time by the day/week in Allocable.
  • Added staff and contractor Dashboard with:
    • Time sheets summary report
    • Real-time weekly summary (Accuracy, Billable vs. Non-billable) report
  • Expense tracking
    • Expense Category management (admin level control of billable/non-billable and min/max on each expense category)
    • Enter expenses (including the ability to attach receipts securely) per project.
  • Time & Expense Approval workflow
    • Approver management (admin level control)
    • Submit Timesheets and Expenses for Approval
    • Unsubmitted, Pending, Approved Timesheet & Expense management
  • Print and Export Timesheets & Expense reports (PDF or XML)

Expanded Alerts, Notifications and Collaboration features

  • Send auto-emails to Staff & Contractors who need to submit timesheets & expenses for approval.
  • Send auto-emails to Staff & Contractors who are assigned to a project, and/or allocated (added, edited, deleted) to a project.


  • Allocable Public API now available.
  • Import real-time data with an enhanced Harvest integration.
  • Improved Scheduling feature to configure the frequency of data imports from integrated technologies.

Other Improvements

  • Speed and performance improvements.

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Allocable is a cloud-based automated time tracking and business intelligence (BI) software platform that provides  a complete visualization of your workforce and project productivity data empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.


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